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What Cake Flavors Say About You

At Sweet Indulgence, we specialize in baking only the best cakes and sweet treats. We also know that many people have many different tastes and preferences. Even people’s personalities can affect which flavor they purchase, which is why we have so many options to choose from. But which flavor matches which personalities? Let’s spotlight a few flavors and see if we can help your cake flavor choice. Of course, this isn't scientific at all - just for fun. ☺️

Wonderfully White

Our Wonderfully White cake is a simple, yet delicious, white cake with white buttercream. This flavor is the perfect fit for a laid-back, easygoing individual. This person goes through life staying in the moment and enjoying the little things in life. He or she may not be the most exciting person, but he or she is easy to get along with, and is a welcomed and a good fit at any social gathering.

Strawberry Cream

Our strawberry cream cake is made with layers of yellow cake separated by strawberry filling and whipped cream. This flavor is a perfect match for the happy-go-lucky person. This person brings in a ray of sunshine everywhere he or she goes - and almost never seems to have a bad day. He or she is also always there to give you that pick-me-up whenever you need it, and can make you smile almost instantly. This person (and flavor) is great to have on hand for those days where you find yourself a little down.


Our mocha cake is an irresistible combination of coffee and chocolate. We layer chocolate butter cake with smooth, mocha icing. This flavor fits the person in every friend group that is the “lightening rod”. He or she provides that shot of energy to get the group moving, and when he or she shows up to any social gathering, everyone gets excited. A fun night out isn’t complete without your mocha-flavored cake.


The atomic-flavored cake was a flavor created by us, using Bavarian Cream, bananas, whipped cream, and strawberries to separate the layers of white and chocolate cake. Much like how this flavor was a stroke of creative genius, this matches up perfectly with all the creative people out there. This is the person that is constantly thinking of different ways to solve problems and bigger and better ways to do things. When someone gets stuck planning a party or celebration, this person swoops in at the last minute with ideas and solutions to make the get together a wild success. This person is the saving grace when all seems lost. Just as this person has a knack for putting the finishing touches on things, this cake flavor is the final piece to having the party everyone talks about for months.

If you’ve noticed, you can’t go wrong no matter what cake flavor you choose. Whether it’s the dependable Wonderfully White, the gleeful Strawberry Cream, the electric Mocha or even the problem-solving Atomic, you are the type of person that others want to be around. And remember, we only spotlighted a few of our amazing flavors we have. We offer a variety of seasonal specials or check out our bakery menu. So, if you were going through your group of friends and finding matches of flavors to each one and haven’t found one that fits you perfectly, fear not. Because, while some of your friends may be a mocha or an atomic, you might just be the Italian Cream.

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