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We’re excited to formally launch the Art Gallery at Sweet Indulgence Bakery & Espresso Bar. Showing your artwork at Sweet Indulgence is a great way to show to a large audience in a space that integrates business, education, great food, and community. Artwork is on display for six weeks.

2018-2019 SCHEDULE The Bakery books shows in six week intervals as follows: September 1 - October 13 (install on September 1 & de-install on October 13) October 20 - December 1 (install on October 20 & de-install on December 1) December 8 - January 19 (install on December 8 & de-install on January 19) January 26 - March 9 (install on January 26 & de-install on March 9) March 16 - April 27 (install on March 16 & de-install on April 27) May 4 - June 15 (install on May 4 & de-install on June 15) June 22 - August 3 (install on June 22 & de-install on August 3) August 10 - September 21 (install on August 10 & de-install on September 21)

If you’re interested in displaying your artwork, or the artwork from your classroom or student group, please complete the application here and either email it to the bakery at or drop it off at the bakery located at 1121 West Windsor Road in Champaign.

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