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Top Cake Flavors in 2018

Updated: May 29, 2018

Traditional and classic flavors take top honors for the most requested cake flavors in American bakeries.

lemon slice
Lemon takes center stage as one of the top requested cake flavors for warm-weather weddings.

Time after time the classic cake flavors win for the most requested among American bakeries. Perhaps it is the timeless flavor that is reminiscent of your childhood? Or it reminds you of a birthday or special event spent with close family and friends? Either way, these cake flavors take top honors for 2018.


Vanilla has been and always will be a crowd-pleaser. The classic vanilla cake, our bakery owners favorite, is a go-to option for any special event. This is a deliciously simple flavor that pairs nicely with nearly any type of frosting or filling. We get quite a few requests for our Wonderfully White Cake. It's a white cake with white buttercream and simply delicious.


A slightly richer alternative to its cousin vanilla, the chocolate cake has drastically risen in popularity over the past few years as a choice for wedding cakes. The indulgent chocolate flavors is complemented so nicely by layers of raspberry, caramel, buttercream and mousse. Variations of chocolate cake such as our German Chocolate or Love at First Sight can really add some WOW to a traditional chocolate cake.


With its tangy flavor, lemon cakes take center stage at many of our warm-weather weddings. The flavor is zesty and refreshing, which also makes it a perfect dessert to cap off a vary spicy or flavorful meal. Lemon cakes, likes ours called Lemon Lovers, goes well with a variety of fruit fillings or complimented by ripe strawberries and fresh raspberries.


Spice cakes are some of our most requested flavors when the weather turns from summer to fall. These hearty and rich spice cakes bring a bold flavor and often go quite well with a cream cheese frosting. Our Cinnamon Spice cake, a seasonal flavor, is a spiced cake layered with caramel buttercream and topped with a caramel drizzle.


Almond cake is rising in popularity at weddings as a way to keep with a traditional flavor found in many pastries and old-fashioned cookies. Almond is a versatile flavor but maintains a distinct sweetness that is pleasant but not overbearing. One of our most requested almond cakes is the Raspberry Frangipane. We cannot imagine a better mix of flavors - raspberries, almonds, and a special vanilla-almond cake. We layer all of this between raspberry filling and white buttercream.

We offer a variety of classic cake flavors with seasonal specials available throughout the year. Visit our bakery menu or give us a call at (217) 352-2433.

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