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Hungry for History: Scones and Tea

Updated: May 15, 2018

The ritual of afternoon tea and scones has been a staple of British culture since the 1800s. It came about during the time of Duchess Bedford when she determined that a spot of tea and a nibble of scone did the trick in keeping her from feeling "peckish" in the middle of the afternoon.

We can't think of a better afternoon snack then a freshly baked scone paired alongside a cup of tea. Luckily, at Sweet Indulgence, we offer both. Plus - one great thing about our scones is that we can bake them for you in mini sizes! This way you can pre-order a variety of our most popular flavors, in miniature, to serve at your afternoon tea. Just drop us a line at (217) 352-2433 about 48-hours in advance and we'll have your mini scones ready for pick-up.

scone and tea
A freshly baked scone and cup of tea is the perfect afternoon ritual.

Our tea selection

We offer a variety of teas which we carry as a long-standing partnership with another local business, Columbia Street Roastery. Their business spans three generations, dating back to 1951. With a goal of providing customers with the best coffee experience, we can't imagine another brand to serve alongside our freshly baked scones (and many other scrumptious pastries). View our full drink menu here.

Our scone selection

  • Current

  • Chocolate Chip

  • Blueberry

  • Butterscotch

We also offer a variety of limited-time scones that capture the flavors of our four distinct seasons. Keep up with our seasonal offerings through our Facebook or Instagram pages.

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