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How to Order a Cake

Planning any type of social gathering can be incredibly stressful. Between putting together a guest list, finding a venue and planning entertainment, there is little time for anything else, much less if anything goes wrong. But just when you think that you have everything planned and figured out, you quickly realize you are missing one crucial item...the CAKE!

As a bakery, we know that the cake is a huge part of any party’s success. Knowing the correct cake size is important - and this guide will make sure you make the correct decision!

Family Birthdays

While this number could vary a bit, your typical family birthday would have anywhere between 6 to 24 people. If the family birthday party is immediate only, our 6-inch cake would be perfect. Serving 6-8 people, this would guarantee everyone getting 1 slice and maybe even the lucky birthday boy or girl gets an extra! Our 8-inch cake would be suitable for a family party that includes some extended family, such as grandparents and aunts and uncles. Since it serves 10-16 people, it would easily be able to handle the additional partygoers. Finally, choosing our 9 or 10 inch cakes would be appropriate if the party was opened up to as much family that wants to come. Serving 16-24+ people (maybe even a few more depending on slice sizes), this would allow the party to be quite sizable and still allow everyone to enjoy a sweet treat.

Office Holiday Parties

We know, we know. Office holiday parties are typically an event people want to avoid. But you are the one putting it together this year and you want to make sure that at least everyone can get a piece of cake amidst the awkward conversations with employers and coworkers. This is where we would suggest our ¼ sheet cake. This comfortably serves 24-32 people and ensures that no one will be without a slice of REALLY GOOD cake. Let our cake be the ice breaker to get conversations going.

Graduation Party

Allow us to handle the cake worthy of sending off the graduate on his or her next journey. The ½ sheet cake feeds 48-64 people, which should pair well with a graduation party.

Retirement Party

Retirement parties are typically an open invite, so it’s good to be prepared for a large crowd filtering through the event. We recommend two half sheet cakes. This way you can have a chocolate and a white, or a white and a filled cake (like strawberry cream). Together these cakes will serve well over 60 people.

Baby Shower / Bridal Shower

Two very exciting life milestones call for one very special cake. We can custom decorate a cake to match colors and themes, ranging in size from a small intimate gathering (6 inch cake) all the way to a half sheet cake to feed a crowd of 60+ people. Be sure to allow for at least 48-hours notice for custom cake orders, and even longer if the event takes place during a holiday. We try our best to accommodate special orders but more detailed decor may take a little more time.


Another HUGE life milestone - weddings call for cake and decor as unique as the couple being married. Make an appointment with our staff to discuss what you’d like and how we can help make your wedding reception an event to remember. Call us for an appointment at (217) 352-2433.

At Sweet Indulgence we want to be a part of your celebration by preparing a cake that will be the perfect size for your gathering. We offer a variety of classic cake flavors with seasonal specials available throughout the year. Check out our bakery menu or give us a call at (217) 352-2433.

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