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2019 Bucket List: 10 Things to Try at Sweet indulgence this Year

“New year, new me!” This is the phrase you are bound to hear uttered by almost everyone you come across as we get into the new year. With each passing of a year, people see it as a chance to start over, fix things they believe need changed and introduce new experiences that they thought themselves lacking. Well, we at Sweet Indulgence Bakery and Espresso Bar think that you should include us in your New Year’s resolutions. In fact, we think we have so many items for you to try, we made you a “bucket list” of items to try for 2019. From the seasonal flavors available now, to the mainstays on our menu, we have just what you need to add some much-needed flavor to your year.

Seasonal Offerings:

We begin at our seasonal offerings. In order to keep things fresh, fun and interesting, Since we are based in Illinois, we are blessed with experiencing all four seasons and enjoy tailoring our baked goods to fit the time of the year. It also helps keep people wanting our seasonal offerings since we only have them for limited months throughout the year. For our winter menu, we will start with our morning goods. We offer a wide variety of sour cream coffee cakes, scones, Danish muffins and cinnamon rolls. Have you tried the chocolate hazelnut danish? It’s a rich chocolate seasonal selection you won’t want to miss.

If you do not get a chance to make it in during the morning hours (we understand that can be a hectic time for many), fear not. Our seasonal dessert offerings will not disappoint. Our cakes and cupcakes come in many flavors, ranging from red velvet, to hazelnut chocolate and winterberry. In addition to our cakes, we also offer cheesecakes and sugar cookies. What kind of winter would it be without some sugar cookies to snack on throughout the day? Finally, we have so many varieties of tarts and pies, it would take us too long to list them all here. However, we’d be remiss if we did not say that your 2019 would not be complete if you did not get to try our caramel custard and pear tart and banana cream pie. We know for a lot of you, wintertime can become a slog and could be your least favorite season. The Sweet Indulgence tries to soften winter’s grasp on you with these offerings. Make sure to come in and try them before they disappear!

Year-Round Favorites:

While our seasonal offerings can be considered a big strength of ours, we also have plenty of items available all throughout the year and some of our cookies, bars, biscotti and butterballs are items you must have before your 2019 comes to a close. Our chocolate chip sandwich cookies, lemon bars and butterballs are all fan favorites. Baked to our high standards, these sweet treats are wonderful and can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Of course, if you haven’t already tried our cinnamon roll then this is something to place high up on the bucket list. These extra large scratch made cinnamon rolls are slathered in our famous cream cheese icing and are one of the most delicious ways to start your morning, especially alongside a big cup of coffee (which we sourced from Columbia Street Roastery in Champaign).

A new year often brings about anticipation of this one being better than the last. Whether you had a rough year that you hope to put behind you, or you are trying to build off a strong one, many people have high hopes when the calendar turns over. Sweet Indulgence wants to be part of your “new you”.

To recap, here’s your 2019 Bakery Bucket List:

  • Chocolate hazelnut danish

  • Red Velvet Cake

  • Hazelnut Chocolate Cake

  • Winterberry Cake

  • Caramel Custard and Pear Tart

  • Banana Cream Pie

  • Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookie

  • Lemon Bars

  • Butterballs

  • Cinnamon Roll

Whether you knock off each item on this bucket list, or create your own from our menu (which is super fun, too!) - it’s the perfect way to get a great start on a delicious year.

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