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10 Reasons Why We Love Cake

At Sweet Indulgence, we love giving you fresh baked goods every day. From our cinnamon rolls and cheesecakes, to our tarts and sugar cookies, we happily provide you with whatever you need when you walk through our doors. In addition to all of those sweet treats, we also love our cakes! A big part of our business, we make our cakes with the customer in mind, to give them the best possible cake he or she could ask for. In fact, we’re offering our 10 best reasons why we love our cakes (and why you should too).

We have sizes for every occasion

Whether you’re looking for a cake for an intimate gathering, a quickly put-together social gathering, or putting on a block party, we have the perfect size of cake for you. We offer anywhere from 6-10 inch cakes and you can even spring for the 1/4 or 1/2 sheet. No matter the occasion, we’ll get you a perfectly sized cake.

We have enough flavors to make your head spin

We have nearly two dozen delicious flavors available throughout the year. Whether you want to stick to traditional flavors like the Wonderfully White or Basic Black, or go for something unique like the Atomic or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, we’ve got it. Want to throw a party that really impresses? Order a variety of our flavors in the 6-inch cakes, or as cupcakes, and have something to treat everyone.

We make everything from scratch

All of our sweet treats are handmade, from scratch. Each cake will be created and prepped by us upon your order and will be fresh upon pick up.

A cake means a special celebration

A majority of the time, when someone orders a cake, it’s to celebrate an accomplishment, birthday, or holiday. We love that we can provide a cake that can help your celebration be a delicious success.

Cake makes everyone happy

This one goes hand in hand with our previous point. Celebrations are a gathering of happy people - and what can help put that happiness over the top? When you unveil one of our beautiful (and delicious) cakes and pass it out for everyone to enjoy.

You support a local, woman-owned business

There’s something special about getting a cake from a local business instead of a big corporation. By buying a cake with us, you know your money is supporting your local community. It’s a pretty great feeling.

We put great pride in our work

Because we’re a small business, you know we’ll put the time and effort into every cake we create. We don’t believe in “passable” or “decent”. We only believe in “fantastic” and even “extraordinary” if you want to describe it as such. When you order a cake from us, you can rest assured knowing you are getting nothing but our very best.

Everyone wants to be the person who brought cake

Who’s the most important and celebrated person at any party or social gathering? Ok sure, that probably falls to whomever the party is being thrown for. But, how would you like being the surefire number two most celebrated person at any party? Every partygoer arrives at the party and makes sure they do two things – say hi to the honoree and checks out the cake. By being the certified “cake bringer”, you can proudly stand beside it, take all the credit, and watch everyone’s eyes light up in delight as they take their first bites.

You are guaranteed to get great customer service

We know the cake business, and we know a major driver of the success of that is you, the customer. From the moment you walk through our doors, to the time you leave with cake in hand, you’ll be treated like family. We’ll make sure every special need is met and the cake will be delivered to you on time. For custom orders, be sure to order at least 48-hours in advance of your event. And if your event is during the holidays, please allow for a little extra time. We love to be busy, but we also want to ensure we have enough time to bake and decorate each and every order.

Above all else, our cakes are absolutely delicious

We mean… what else needs to be said?

So there you have it. There’s 10 reasons why we love our cakes. If, for some reason, you’re still not convinced, just come stop by our store and take a look (and a bite). Between seeing the products and taking in the smells, we have a feeling you won’t need any more convincing.

We offer a variety of classic cake flavors with seasonal specials available throughout the year. Check out our bakery menu or give us a call at (217) 352-2433.

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